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Recipes From Talula
From the cast iron skillet of our Madame Talula comes the fried in pig fat, dipped in bacon drippings, and rolled in powdered sugar recipes of how to make your own VooDoo team.
Good Mojo
Ben Ramirez: Plays like you'll never see him again.
Bad Mojo
Ryan Olson: Empathy, counseling, and good ol' fashion kiddie blasting.
Our own Chachi 3000.
Thank God for Level 10.
Shark Bait
You've got no idea what you've started.
The Buddy Jesus of SouthWest VooDoo
The Butcher
Making college look like a bad career decision.
Head Hunter
Fuzzy Wuzzy was in Havasu.
And his little friend, Rusty.
The Beef Wellington of our times.
Scorpion Mouse
Making Paradoxes Rock
El Brujo
Scavenging Fields and Bars Near You.
The Gooch
Arnold's Paintball Nemesis.
Creole Kid
Coming to a Sorority House near you.
Grand Wizard
You want what? Oh yeah, I can get you a couple of those.
Shallow? Nah, he's slightly raised.
One filthy hippie.
Looking For Fun With The Army of One
Samarian Rat Monkey
Please come home.
Decay of Nations Four kids who have never been to a scenario game - what can we do with them? We took them to SC Village and Giant Sports big game. We'd show you, but the authorities confiscated our camera. Believe us when we say we layed siege to a town, battled a rodeo queen, conspired to kill a general, and helped one of our old hands blossom. Somewhere along the way we ran into Mark of the Yuma Rattlers (My dad used to play with that guy...) and showed the boys why everyone hates clowns. The boys also learned that being color blind is okay if you can't shoot straight anyway, Mini Mojo will steal your glory, and old guys with rocket launchers will show up when you need them most. There were also a lot of things learned about one dollar bills.
August in Tucson McSteaks and 50 year old Scotch... That's the only way to finish off a weekend of triple digit temps, monsoon rains, and Voodoo paintball. The camera broke, Sandreaver lost a kneee, and I swear Good Mojo used to have one more kid, but that's what you get when you play in Tucson in August. We did take a quick break to win a tournament at Westworld, though we couldn't have done it without the random five guys we picked up to play with us. If anyone know their names, let us know - Good Mojo is still missing that kid.
Paintball Mecca One never knows when the hajj will call, but you can bet your burqa it won't happen when school is in session. With spring break here the call went from the minarets and the fatwa was unleashed! If only those minarets would call a bit earlier so we could get more than three of us... No matter, we'll find more! And stop number one, Dave and Busters, netted us our first convert, Shark Bait! From Jungle Island to Hollywood Sports Park and whatever that crazy three fields next to each other place was, we travelled the paintball holy land, spreading the word of Voodoo, and preaching to the faithful. When it was over, L.A. had been saved from the Aliens, Jack had been saved from CVS, and chickens has been sacrificed at Roscoe's. Faith never tasted so good!
Drexel Heights Fire Team On this day we brought out a pack of Tucson's finest, the fire crew from Drexel Heights! And some school teachers, and a programmer, maybe a girlfriend or two. With enough EMT's on hand to care for us (finally), we were able to unleash our true might. And that we did, against each other, refs, and players on the other fields! And while the firemen played a good game, two houses totally burned down on the south side. *shrug*
APD Pump Tournament 5 man pump tournament. We had 7. What to do with 2 extra people? Rent them out to another team! Alas, the Voodoo spirits don't like it when we shoot at each other, so with wind, sand, and fury the gods tore down the fields, clogged guns with sand, and sent us all home early. Curse you voodoo spirits! Next time bring your guns and fight us like men!
WTL 7 Man Tournament Woodsball Tournament League. Sure, we told them it would never work, sure we gave them undeserved input (crap) on message boards, but it didn't stop us from registering for their first Arizona tournament. Out at Fightertown Paintball Park we danced in and around a center building while trying to keep bad guys from crawling out of trenches and treating us like Hessians on Christmas. We have had so much luck bringing old tourney guys out of retirement that we brought two more with us - Pat Conway and Ryan Mayo joined us for our first place win, along with Logan (last name to be inserted later). This is the first tournament where every team truly left a winner - of Two Buck Chuck.
** Photos Leeched from someone else - I think Art of War. (
Pump 5 Man Tournament Fort Adobe Paintball is becoming a bit of an addiction for us. Maybe it's because the fields are so good. Maybe it's the sexy field owner. Or maybe it's because they give us prizes even when we suck. And suck we did. Until our dirty cameraman came in and saved the day. Featured in this week's tournament is Jeff Kellywood and his first game in a year and a half. And a fourth place finish.
Jared Visits Jared. The Uno of the Deuce. But of course they can't both be here. What the deuce? From hinterlands of Iowa, Jared returns to shoot a little paint out at Randy's Desert Fox.
Munds Pump Munds Park. A beautiful little mountain community who had no warning what was to befall them. When a gang from Phoenix headed up to shoot it out in the trees, it was up to Voodoo to help out. And help out we did. With 14 pump guns we chased through the forest, hunted Elk, and wished our own little snake charmer a happy birthday.
Lindberg-Saavedra Wedding Roots Farm in Athens, Georgia was the site of this beautiful wedding. I know it's not paintball related, but it was the best wedding reception I've ever attended. With live music, good people, and the best bridesmaids ever it had to be good. Oh yeah - the bride and groom were hella awesome too.
Pump 3 Man Tournament Didn't we just do this? Yeah, but three old men fell out and we replaced them with one young guy. Oddly, it didn't make a difference. Fort Adobe Paintball in Phoenix was the host of this geriatric gathering where we proved, once again, that we can be solidly middle of the pack. Will we be back? As long as we can get that Tiger Balm sponsorship, you betcha!
Pump 5 Man Tournament - Our bodies say we're old. Our brains say we can still kick ass. So in an uncharacteristically prudent compromise we decided to play a pump tourney. Fort Adobe Paintball in Phoenix was the host of this geriatric gathering where we proved, once again, that we can be solidly middle of the pack. Will we be back? As long as we can get that Tiger Balm sponsorship, you betcha!
National Treasure - The 107th Renegades, one of our favorite Arizona teams, said their was a big treasure to be found. So off to Cowtown we went. Graced by the man with the Botox Abs we fought our way to an award. And we learned some stuff too. Like... Uh, well, next time...
D-Day 2008 and the Jaegers Paintball - Paintball underground? Paintball with 4000 people? While neither were enought to entice most of us, four of us were lured by the combination. D-Day Adventure Park in Oklahoma proved that even with 2000 enemies, Voodoo can sneak through enemy lines and take a flag base. Jaegers Paintball showed that even in the bowels of the earth, there's nothing we'd rather do than shoot kids.
Sat Cong Village and Hollywood Sports Park - With the break of dawn, the roar of a plane, and a walk to the parking lot, Southwest Voodoo rolled out for another California fun trip. With no schedule and an agenda of relaxation we left the world behind and ventured to that paintball Disneyland that is Southern California. No fights, no lost gear, no pissed off people, it's almost like we weren't Voodoo - except for the icked out waitresses, irritated boy friends, and our getting lost.

Hang'em High: Deadwood Noon - Hippy Hunting and freezing water jugs. Now that's Arizona style fun. We reffed this game. We played this game. We tried to balance the weaponry. Mostly we laughed at Buffalo Will and enjoyed the company of some less often seen friends. Cowtown Paintball in Phoenix, AZ hosted this little soirée put on by TAW Paintball.

Toy Drive 2006 - Jared heard there were kids that might not get toys this holiday season. Dark Star Paintball, Mesa Motorsports, TAW Paintball and Southwest Voodoo lined up a bunch of paintslinging crazies to help prevent this attrocity. Hosted by Wild Planet Paintball in Casa Grande, Arizona this game gave us a great chance to welt up some gift givers.

Voodoo Unrest - CONVOY!
Was the dark of the moon on the twenty-sixth
In an RV pullin logs
a Pick-up Ford with a reefer on
And a Rodeo haulin' hogs
We was headin for Oroville on i-seven-oh
'bout a hour outta Sac town
I says, Dirty, this heres the rubber duck.
And we're about to put the hammer down.

Shogun / Las Vegas - May 20th and 21st made a landmark weekend for Southwest Voodoo. Small groups of Voodoo insurgents tainted the water in three states over the course of 12 hours, and we still made it home to tuck in the kids. Bad Mojo shot craps in Las Vegas and Good Mojo scouted Oroville for a place for Voodoo to crap in October.

Safford Tournament - With a wild hair and three quarters of a practice under our belts, we headed back to the copper mining town of Safford, Arizona. Paintball was played and prizes were won - the true definition of Voodoo fun.

Walls of Troy - Kicking off the 2006 season with typical voodoo style, we Traveled to Surprise Arizona To see how real scenarios were played and won. Voodoo Village was erected, The Meat wagon wasn't perfected, so a Trojan win was rejected.

Tombstone and Back - What sends a group of VooDoo across the southwest, from city to city, shooting all they find in their path? Is it revenge? Is it punishment for the game they couldn't attend? Is it the desire for a last hurrah with friends from far away places? We may never know what inspired their journey, but it's a sure bet they enjoyed every minute of it.

Toy Drive 2005- Someone said there were kids that might not get toys this holiday season. Toyless kids are joyless kids. Since it's more fun to shoot happy people, we loaded up our 8 car caravan and set out to Wild Planet Paintball in Casa Grande, Arizona to make some kiddies happy.

Shreq's Swamp - From the ashes of the ritual fire pit rose 17 voodoo souls to be sacrificed for woman , wine and a good time.... well 2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Redneck Rampage - Tobaccee spitt'n, cow mutilatin', welfare collectin' fun was whut wee had in Jungle Island. By the end we had blown both sides command centers, abducted a scenario promoter, and spread pickled pigs feet across the field for a little mood smell. Both teams cursed our names and bribed our CPS agents by the end of the game, but that won't stop us from coming back for more.

Dia De Los Muertos 2 - Up to the wooded terrain of Prescott, Arizona we rode for another BlackCat Productions paintball game. We were set on eating as much brain as the stomach could possibly hold and finishing what we started last year. Again we generaled, turned night into day but for a twist we shot Rabbit as much as inhumanly possible. Everyone had so much fun, they didn't care about the score and Spiro ripped up the results before he announced them. (Damn I wish he would have read the scores.)

Safford Tournament - Back to the hills of Safford for a three man event this time. Teams were met, teams were vanquished, and a lot of people sweated. Not even a six o'clock start time could stop the Arizona sun.

Sweep And Clear - Into the virtual world, where programs fight to get out of the box, and humans fight to destroy it, Voodoo went. Suit of armor, jet pack and meat wagon - a full showing of mechanized gear made us unstoppable. And putting us two hundred yards from the other campers kept attendance for this event high.

Eye On The Prize - To some far off world of druggie pirates and cracked out marines we Vodun gathered claim what was ours, hop through the bars and make little kids see stars. Jousting with the SCA was only the beginning as we led yet another losing cause to ultimate defeat at the hands of a less experienced team! Man, this is getting depressing.

Steel Dawn - TAW Paintball transformed Jungle Island in Lake Elsinore, CA into a contested world in the Mechwarrior universe. Mechs battled, jump troops fought and died, and Bad Mojo found a whole new way to general, making missions instead of just handing them out. With this much mud, fun, and mayhem we'll definitely be back to this guy's events.

Book of Set - Southwest Paintball in Surprise, Arizona was once the ancient burial grounds of Egypt. A foul land of lies and deception, it was the perfect place to bring a little Voodoo. Vomitting, genies, drunken games and we almost got the plague! Surpisingly we got invited back for the next game.

Ryan's Run - Everyone gets old sometime. Some of them go peacefully to Carousel, and then there was Ryan. When the he went looking for Sanctuary, the Sandmen came looking for him. From the ice robot to contact poison, the dangers were around every corner. Escorted by the Guardians of Sanctuary, Ryan ran across the city. From Denny's to Dodgeball the contest continued. Until they caught him and ground him into Soylent Green.

Dia De Los Muertos - Prescott, Arizona, a wooded place with few civil services, seemed a perfect place to debut our new attraction - a fire breather! We also generalled, turn night into day, executed one of our own, and did our part to help eat a cow.

Last Trail Home - Out in the wilds of New Mexico, outlaw Slim Vargas and sheriff Reno Rhodes fought over gold, women and who got to rob the stage coach first. Voodoo fought over head wear, coffee, and who got to wear Tina's jersey.

Brother's In Arms - Crossroads - Jungle Island in California and Millennium Paintball Productions created this World War II themed scenario. With an army of camoflaged 12 year olds, our own photographer, trenches, AA guns, a medic on meth, real tanks, clowns, parking lot arms deals, guys in skirts, and the Carl's Junior shuttle we couldn't help but lose! (And Sandreaver killed a man.)

Gila Outdoor Tournament - Safford? SAFFORD?! Who would have thought a town with so many churches, chicken fights, and pickled pig feet would know how to play paintball?

Band, Jim Band II - A quick trip to New Mexico found us again with Black Cat Productions in another scenario paintball game. The Meat Wagon II, just released from R&D, rolled over Germans, Rangers, and all sorts of decent folk to help El Tenedor blow up the American Southwest with his new Super Chile Bomb!

Flaming Saddles - Black Cat Productions came to play paintball in Arizona and we had a rip roaring time chasing bull dikes, nazis and Methodists out of our town. With Bad Mojo as the XO, and some crazy digging by the rest of the team, we couldn't help but win.

SC Village - Head Hunter said Let's go hang out with Insight Components Engineering and those crazy Grizwalds. Who knew what we'd find out about each other by the end of this trip. (Corona, CA)

Holiday Toy Drive 2003 - Our chance to help Tucson's non paintball players. An event at Sudden Impact in Marana. Charity is a classic VooDoo past time. Well, she was until she moved.

Operation Flashpoint - MXS decided to hold a scenario in Tucson, Arizona. From Pancho to McArthur the resistance got its teeth kicked in by some really tough Russians. Evil Inc. commanded the Russians while Southwest Voodoo led the resistance. Guess who they placed in the command bunker? See the exploits of your favorite SouthWest VooDoo player here.

Road Warrior - A rare look into what happens when paintball players go bad. A Viper Scenario game in Phoenix, AZ. The debut of the Meat Wagon, our very own paintball tank, and our first try at being a scenario paintball team.

Summer's End 2002 - Long drive, one drunken brawl, and we almost picked up a hitch hiker. Now that's Paintball. (Kingman, Arizona)

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